1. The Gateway Hotel Rawalkot

With an architecture that seems like its risen straight out of the rock, The Gateway Hotel is an artistic wedding destination in Jaisalmer that makes it is an ideal venue to host a regional celebration. A construction inspired by royal havelis found in the old Indian era, each location around this spectacular venue is more than picture-perfect, so good that you’ll be tempted to have a post wedding shoot here too. The hotel provides delectable Indian and multi-cuisine preparations to enthral the taste buds of all guests, ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice. Should you need tents and an open-air BBQ arrangement, their hospitable staff will happily set that up for you.

2. Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort

A resort style destination wedding just found its perfect match at the Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort in Jaisalmer. This palatial wedding destination in Jaisalmer has the best conference and banqueting facilities at its Baithak and Gadhal Hall. For culinary delight Ciro, its multi-cuisine restaurant, coffee shop and Samjh Lounge Bar offer high standard of service. You can choose from their 64 well-appointed, spacious and tastefully embellished rooms that are equipped with all modern amenities to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay. Outstanding lighting arrangement at its open area space and splendid pool is simply breathtaking. Hosting you dreamy wedding at an ambiance so serene and spectacular, doesn’t get better than this!

3. Fort Rajwada

Is a desert or fort style wedding on your mind? Jaisalmer has a wedding destination for that one too. Fort Rajwada, one of the most breathtaking wedding destinations in Jaisalmer is all that you need to create moments that last a lifetime and what better than having a destination wedding to do that, right?! If you’re the adventure kind and your guests don’t mind having some thrill at your wedding celebration, Fort Rajwada can arrange for some crazy desert safari and many more royal experiences that will simply blow your mind. The rooms available in this luxury hotel promise to give you a taste of royalty and an unforgettable experience of the king style life lead by the Rajputs.

4. Brys Fort

One of the largest ultra-modern luxurious forts in Rajasthan, Brys Fort opens its gate for couples who intend to have a larger than life royal wedding. Offering you a rare blend of past glory and contemporary amenities, Brys Fort brings to you the magnificent architectural bliss of the Rajputs. Immerse yourself in the best hospitality Rajasthan has to offer at this elaborate venue that ensures your wedding is one grand celebration the makes it a remarkable occasion for all attendees. Versatile majestic backdrops of this venue make it easy for decorators to execute any theme you desire, while their havelis, suites and rooms take care of you and your guest’s stay comforts.

5. Suryagarh - Gandhi Colony

Does getting hitched at an isolated destination of Jaisalmer excite you? We’ve found the right match for you! Suryagarh is the wedding venue of your dreams. Veiled in clear skies featuring rustic architecture, splendid courtyards and superbly designed interiors, Suryagarh warmly welcomes guests at Jaisalmer’s palatial wedding destination. Though located in the middle of nowhere, the hospitality staff ensures all you needs for modern amenities are met. As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover. Similarly, though Suryagarh seem like a traditional Rajasthani architecture from its exteriors, their astoundingly designed modern interiors, including the banquets, lawns, havelis, rooms and suites are sure to sweep you off the floor.

6. The Heritage Inn – Dabla

With 25 years in the business, Heritage Inn has managed to host the most amazing destination weddings at its tranquil resort located in the crown jewel of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer. From Hollywood to Bollywood and Royals to World Leaders, this resort has given a taste of high quality hospitality to any and every big personality you can think of. It goes without saying that having your grand destination wedding at The Heritage Inn is certainly going to be an unforgettable experience.