Wedding Invitation

What is the most important part of wedding preparation? Is it the wedding hall? The bride groom entry? No, it is not anything which is mentioned above but the first step of the preparation is wedding card. The card is not the invitation on paper; it is the request to the loved ones to brace the would-be couple and the host of the occasion by their presence. The card of wedding invitation represents the humble request from the hosts to the guest to bestow the ceremony with their presence.

Definitely, the card of wedding is not something that could be ignored because people do judge the wedding ceremony arrangements on the basis of wedding card, hence if your wedding is going to be royal function the card should justify the same. Deciding on wedding card, the design, the gifts enclosed in the card is something very crucial and a small mistake committed in the same can ruin the whole status of the wedding arrangement. Hence, to give the perfect glimpse of the royal arrangement in the wedding event, we would help you out in designing the best wedding card and that too with the most appealing content.

A card that would perfectly speak up your words and emotions and that would make the guests to look upon, this is what you would get from us when our experts would be designing the card for the event for you. Some of the best wedding cards in India are designed by our professionals and very proudly we do announce the same.

A Card to Speak Your Emotions
  • Most Innovative Card Design Ideas
  • Card Designing as per Theme
  • Best Suggestions for Card Designs by Professionals
  • Card Designing by the Top Designers of India

Decore Design for Mehendi, Sangeet and Wedding

Pre-wedding events are mostly fun-filled and entertaining events. They are organized for the bride and groom to spend some quality time with their families and friends. Frolicking all day and night they click numerous pictures to cherish for lifetime.

Mehndi is another event held mostly during the late afternoons. It is not only for the women but also for men. Best mehndi designers create intricate designs from both Indian and Arabic styles. This event has a historical significance.

Decorative umbrellas have set a trend these days in events decoration. Fabrics with attractive designs and colors are used for the umbrella top. Floral strings are used to adorn these umbrellas. The entrance arch is embellished with floral strings created from different flowers. Historical statues are also used to adorn both sides of the entrance arch.

Sangeet is a frolic celebrated with utmost fun and reverberating music. Music is the soul of this ceremony. Enthusiastic music and dancing on a brightly decorated dancing area is of primary focus. Live performances are also held by the best band and professional singers to entertain the guests in a lively fashion. Hire the best DJ in the locality to create twists of quality music throughout the event. Food and Drinks are arranged galore for the guests to indulge in a food and drink rave throughout the sangeet ceremony.

Special Arrangement for Mehendi Function
  • Best Mehendi Artist of Country
  • Perfect Arrangement of Mehendi Ceremony
  • Special Dancers Arrangement on Demand
  • Special Arrangement for Music
  • Theme Based Mehendi Ceremony

Bridle Makeup

Marriage is one of the most sacred and important occasions of everyone’s life. It has a lot of stories to tell about and cherish for the lifetime. And everybody will definitely look their best on this very special day. A bride and a groom, both, want to look the best versions of themselves so that they can steal the attractions of all the guests attending the wedding ceremony. Furthermore, they also wish to look their best in pictures and clicks made by professional wedding photographers. Hence, it is imperative to hire professional wedding makeup and hairstyling artists for the various wedding functions like Engagement, Mehndi, Sangeet and Wedding Day. If you truly want to get enriched with extraordinary make-up magic then you certainly need to go with beauty professionals and seasoned makeup artists that can hide all your flaws and enhance your beautiful features.

If you are looking for beautiful professionals and makeup artists in Jaipur then Aamantran Wedding can match your needs perfectly. We can arrange top rated beautiful professional bridal and groom makeup artists for the wedding functions. Our professional beautify specialists are competent to prepare both the bride and the groom, for that very special day, — their Wedding Day. Hiring the best suitable wedding makeup and hair-styling artists is as important as picking up the right wedding outfit & jewelry, and hiring the best photographers.

We at Aamantran Wedding are made a partnership with some of the best makeup artists and beauty professionals in India who are known their reputation and experience in offering quality wedding makeup services for brides and grooms as well. Our professional wedding makeup artists and beautiful specialists understand the requirements of clients and give them the best suggestion based on that.

Aamantran Wedding offers following wedding makeup services.
  • Bridal makeup services
  • Groom makeup services
  • Hairstyling services for bride and groom
  • Makeup services for pre-wedding shoot
  • Mehndi service
  • Sangeet function makeup service
  • Engagement makeup services
  • Sangeet Party Makeup Services
  • Personal Makeup and Group Sessions
  • Bridal Trousseau Advice
  • Wedding makeup for families

Bride & Groom Entry

The most important moment for a bride in her wedding is the time of her entering the wedding hall. It is the time when everyone would roll her eye on her and he is required to handle the pressure in the most beautiful manner. Every bride wants to make it the most memorable moment for her so that people may memorize it for a longer time. As it is always said that first impression is the last impression so the entry of bride in the wedding hall definitely needs to be the best. It is the time when she could truly flaunt her beauty.

She is the attraction of the event and hence her entry really needs to be something that could be beautifully captured in the lenses plus in the eyes of the spectators too. Gone are the days when the brides use to enter in traditional songs running in background like ‘Nahi Jaana’ or ‘Din Shagana Da’, it is the time to do something creepy after all why should boys have all the fun. We are definitely not saying that the traditional entry of the bride in which she takes every step very slowly showing all her ‘Nazaakat’ is out of fashion but there are many other ways to make it beautiful and those who want to make the entry in such a ravishing way, we are there to help them out in the concern.

Your wedding is the biggest event of your life and we would definitely take care of each and every concern of yours. The bride and groom entry is the moment that everyone waits for so eagerly, so if it your grand day we will make your entry even the best one. We have the most astonishing bride and groom entry ideas that would perfectly illustrate your presence to everyone in the most memorable way.

Most Quirky Bride & Groom Entry Ideas.
  • Fancy Carriage Entry of Bride
  • Entry of Bride in Royal Bike
  • Bride Entering in Jeep with Gang
  • Bride Special Ride on Wheels
  • Bride Walking Down with Her Girl Gang


Are you looking for unique and spectacular Jaimala concepts for your wedding or wedding of your relative ones? If yes then your search ends here. We at Aamantran Wedding can offer you unique and fabulous Jaimala concepts to make the special moment of special day very memorable.

A wedding is incomplete unless Jaimala or Varmala ceremony is complete. Jaimala, sometimes also referred as Varmala, is one of the most integral parts of Indian wedding ceremonies. It is when the groom garlands his bride a beautiful Jaimala made of very special flowers and then the bride also garlands Varmala to the most special man of her life. It becomes a very special and one of most memorable moments of life for couple and they always wish to have their Jaimala or Varmala ceremony in most unique and special ways sot that they can cherish the special moment of their special day for a lifetime.

The influence of Bollywood is widespread in our country. Grand wedding scenes with lavish setups often attract common people and people wish to fulfill their weddings in similar fashion. Various Jaimala themes can be opted from Bollywood. If you are interested in theme based Jaimala ceremony then we can significantly help you out there. Our services include Jaimala state setup, flower decoration, music & light arrangement, groom special entry, bride special entry, female anchor, palki arrangement, sound setup, makeup, etc.

We are committed to make your Jaimala ceremony like no other. Aamantran Wedding ensures to create a personalized Jaimala theme for your special day.


Food catering is a major concern of the people who are organizing a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary party or any other celebration of joy. Food is a big deal for Indians. It is an essential part of a celebration you are organizing and wish to serve quality and hygienic food. You cannot manage the entire celebration on your own because you may have lots of other works in order to make the celebration perfect. Hence, you must rely on professional food catering service so that you can host a successful party for the guests.

If you are looking for seasoned food caterers for the occasion then Aamantran Wedding can be your best partner catering to your food catering needs. We are a leading Jaipur based event management and catering services providing company. We are offering a range of services to make the event successful and memorable. One of the essential services we offer is food catering service. We are offering food catering services in Jaipur and some other cities and towns of India for various occasions such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, housewarming, corporate events, and special events.

We are Aamantran Wedding are very proud to tell that our professionalism in excellent quality catering service can certainly add X-factor to the occasion you host. Whether you are looking for wedding caterers, corporate event caterers, birthday party caterers or caterers for other special events; we will provide you high-quality catering service at very affordable and genuine rates. Our catering services are reinforced by mastered cooks and very talented chefs. We can provide catering service for any occasion matching your own choices and preferences when it comes to choosing types of food. We can arrange catering service for Indian food, Chinese food, and continental food.

We follow very strict parameters with the aim to deliver high-quality delicious food that is hygienic too. We also make sure that the presentation of food should leave a nice impact on the guests attending the celebration you host. We arrange both indoor and outdoor catering services for ceremonies like weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, housewarming parties, etc. It does not matter, whether the place is close or open, the food that is served is always excellent in terms of quality, presentation, and taste.

We specialize in providing the following:
  • Wedding caterers
  • Birthday Party Caterers
  • Corporate Function Caterers
  • Special Events Caterers

Car Decor

Wedding is the most important event of one’s life and this is a reason why everyone wants that things should get a royal touch on the day. People do have different desires for the occasion of their wedding; few want it to be simple whereas there are few who just want to add the great royal touch in the same. Commuting on the whole ceremony of wedding in a luxury car is also the desire of many people and definitely there is no doubt in this that buying a luxury car for one day event is the solution.

To meet up with the budget of the wedding plus the desire of royal ceremony, the only way out to meet up with both the desires simultaneously is to go for hiring luxury cars for the ceremony. If you also have the desire to get a ride on luxury cars on your wedding then we are here to arrange the same for you. Get the top luxury ride at the wedding function.

Whether you want the luxury car for the bride and groom or for every guest of the occasion, to give the perfect royal touch to the occasion we would arrange the luxury cars from Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Cadillac, Aston Martin, to any other model you desire for. Even if you want to have the vintage car ride in your wedding to finish the perfect royal touch in the occasion then also we would arrange the same for you.

Ride in Luxury Cars in Your Wedding
  • Arrangement for all Luxury Cars
  • Vintage Cars also Available
  • Cars on Special Demand on Wedding Functions
  • Throughout Availability of Luxury Cars in Entire Ceremony